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It might take a few minutes for you to show up on the map. Remember, the success of this effort depends on the number of people in the community, their seriousness and effective communication with people you find here.

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Activists for Animals

Community Organizing for Animal Welfare.

To find other people and services, search for the location and click the markers that show up on the map.

To add yourself or anyone else to the community, search for the location and click the red marker on the map for the next step.

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What all can I do here?

  1. Add yourself to the community.
    So you can be found by other like-minded people.
  2. Lookup other members of the community in your area.
    You can send them a message to meetup with them, create a local rescue and sterilization team!
  3. Add another member or service, like a clinic, shelter, x-ray lab etc.
    This helps other people help an animal in need.
  4. Lookup services in your area.
    So you can help an animal in need!

How do I search for people and services near me?

  1. Type in your location, press enter or select a location from the list that shows up.
  2. Everyone near that location will appear as an icon on the map.
  3. Click on the icons for details and contact information.
  4. To narrow down your search, please select the specific service from the dropdown to the left of the location box.

How do I add myself or anyone else to the community?

  1. Type in your location, press enter or select a location from the list that shows up.
  2. and a red marker will show up on the map. You can drag it around to fine-tune the location.
  3. Click it, and it will show you a link to login using Facebook.
  4. Once logged in, clicking the red marker will show you two buttons.
  5. Click "Join Community" to add your details, or click "Add a Resource" to add anyone else.

Can I add other people and organizations?

Yes, but unless it's a service available to general public, please make sure that you have their consent.

What do I do once I find people?

Send them a message explaining what you want to do. That could be sterilizations, rescues, a meetup, or anything else you want to do related to animal welfare.

How do we form effect cooperative groups?

One idea is to start a facebook group for your area and invite the people you see who are in your area. You can also use WhatsApp, Google plus or any other social site. This will make it super easy to communicate with each other. After that we recommend you meet in person. You can also use to create a meetup and invite the people you've met here!

Nobody is answering, what next?

Be persistent. If there is still no reply, try posting flyers in your neighborhood to find people who aren't in the network yet!

What if I don't have Facebook?

To avoid spam, we require that you have a Facebook account to add yourself. You can sign up for Facebook to add yourself and only use it for this network...just don't get sucked in and get addicted to social media!

Is this application just for Delhi?

Nope. Anyone can add themselves all over the world. We are currently focusing on India.

Can this tool be used for non-animal related groups?

This website is dedicated to animal welfare only, but if you want a similar application for your own community organizing effort you can contact us at and we will help you out.

What is the idea behind this application?

  1. We want people to be able to find resources easily to help an animal in need.
  2. We think people forming hyper local micro communities doing street level action can solves a lot of issues. People are wonderful sources of knowledge and resources; by sharing we can help each other end the suffering on the streets!

I am in love with the idea! What can I do to help?

First and foremost, add yourself to the map and all the vets, shelters etc. that you know about. Contact people near you to create rescue teams, coordinate sterilizations, and meet up with other animal lovers.

If you want to help us do good work, contact us at to help. We are looking especially for people with animal welfare, community organization, writing, programming, communication, or creative skills.

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